We are bikepacking nomads. On globoride.ch we share our story.

Since July 2013, we are on the road again. During this time we have crossed Asia, Africa, South and North America. At the moment we are cycling in the Himalaya.

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The full moon rises over the mountain tops, a crystal ball on a marine velvet cloth. In violent gusts the wind blows from the pass, spreads coarse-grained sand and tears at the tent. The temperature is far below zero. We are cold, even though we are lying in the sleeping bag with thermo underwear, down jacket, and Goretex …

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With a broad grin
Like crumpled kraft paper are below us the dry mountains of Ladakh and Zanskar. Warm morning light licks the cold shadows of the valleys and projects bluish outlines on the snowfields and glaciers of the highest peaks. Slowly the plane lowers over the green oasis of the Indus valley, flies a final bend and lands. Exactly …

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A look at the bookshelf
For some time now we feel trapped in the same old story. Getting up, breakfast, pack up tent, start cycling. Dense is the forest on both sides of the trail, we pass through a dark green hose. A handful of dried fruit and a chocolate bar after two hours of riding. Two hours later, lunch time. Finally time for the MP3. …

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Border land

For several years, we are looking to get in contact with people who are living in political border zone areas. In the photo project "border land" we document these encounters. The stories will be the theme of our new multivision show.



In the border area between Southern Sudan, Kenya and Uganda is the tribal area of ​​the Karamojong. After bloody war years people are looking for a path into a better future, without giving up their traditions. They receive little support from the outside world.

Eagle hunters

In the extreme north-west of Mongolia live Kazakhs. Due to the modern boundaries which isolated them from their homeland, one of their main traditions has survived: hunting with golden eagles.


In the province of Sacha in Siberia lives the tribe of Ewens. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, some of them managed to return to their ancestral way of life as reindeer nomads. Today, they are the weakest link in the commodity poker of our times.


Once immigrated from Russia, the reindeer nomads in China were systematically relocated. Many have lost their cultural identity, but some manage the balancing act between their new place of settlement and the old nomadic lifestyle.


As a buffer zone between the British and the Russians the Wakhan Corridor was established during the time of the Great Games and assigned to Afghanistan, without taking care of existing populations. The Kyrgyz living there became prisoners on the roof of the world.

自由 [zìyóu]

Inner Mongolia is the province with the largest economic growth of China. New cities spring up like mushrooms and every night the large, faceless central places come to live. Flowing movements and brushstrokes: Volatile and beautiful. A breath of freedom at the edge of China. But the commuist party attempts already to regulate the dance steps...


In a high mountain valley in eastern Tibet is hidden one of the largest Buddhist pilgrimage centers: Yachen. 10,000 nuns and monks are searching here for enlightenment under the watchful eye of the Chinese security police. For how much longer? A question of time.


Vezo fishermen are sailing freely along the Madagascan west coast during the southern winter. 10,000 from their tribe make them to one of the last big nomadic groups of our time. But overfishing and pollution threaten their way of life more and more.


Here you find descriptions from routes, which are difficult to find on maps or which require careful planning. All information that we share with you are intended for touring cyclists or bikepackers who have good navigation and tour planning skills and are experienced in pedaling under extreme conditions. The trails are partially bad and there is little supply for long distances.

If you ride one of the routes and you think the description is a bit out of date, then please send us your updates through our contact form.

Route Map
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It makes us happy when we can share our adventures with you. So far we have therefore produced three professional multivision shows from our journeys and presented them in Switzerland. Currently we are traveling and there are no presentations planned. But you can watch he trailer of our last show "Tien Shan & Himalaya" here.


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